Beach/Dune Gnomes

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Beach Gnome

Found along our ocean coasts are the beach/dune gnomes. These little people are said to be a wee bit larger and have flatter feet so as to not sink into the sand. They are often very weathered and wind blown in appearance. They still have the tall red pointed hat, but the clothes look a little sun bleached.

Beach Gnome

You will often see little surf birds running in the sand between waves feeding on the little salt water bugs. They’re very fast, but not as fast as our little sand gnomes. At times, they are just a blur as they also try to gather up little goodies from the surf. These guys are the ultimate beachcombers for sure. If you are walking a surf line at night, keep a sharp eye out. I wonder if infrared detectors would work?

Their homes are made of old driftwood and a collection of beach junk that they use to construct cozy little homes on the bluffs in the weeds. Should nature call you while at the beach, be very careful where you go. No pin intended! They love beach picnic and fire leftovers. Not sure if they like s’mores.

Beach gnomes love the water, so someday you just might surprise one if you cross the dune crest unexpectedly. Keep a sharp lookout next visit to your local wild beach.

All is well and Spring really is coming!

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