Snow – Snow – Oh No!

RGS_3962Now that winter is here and the snow begins to fall and pile up, our little gnome friends become little kids. They have fun playing in the snow. I heard once they make snowmen to look like us and have a good laugh. While out in the snow, they wear boots with special soles to look like animal prints. This is a very clever way of fooling those who want to catch or follow them. You can look around the ground under a bird feeder for their little show prints. The gnomes will walk in circles, or steps on moss and bare twigs in order to disguise their travels.

And yes, they play in the snow on old bark or dried leaves as a sled. They will roll up a snowball and roll it down a little slope to make a sled run. Just like us humans, they play in the snow.

Home is always warm and cozy with a glowing fireplace and a warm cup of apple cider. Maybe a cookie or two.

So, look for little prints in the snow. A bird, rabbit or even deer tracks in the fresh snow. If you smell a little smoke in the forest, chances are it came from a warm gnome home’s fireplace.

All is well in Whimsical Woods.


Gnome Harvest, Giving Thanks

In the Fall, as the nights grow colder and the trees begin to loose their leaves, the gnomes begin their Fall harvest. They must prepare for the long snowy winter ahead while they can with the help of their forest animal friends. Much can be accomplished when done by many helping hands. The harvest is now completed and it’s time to celebrate and give thanks to all their fellow gnomes and forest friends. The gnomes call it giving thanks, as we call it Thanksgiving.

The main “Giving Thanks” feast consists of many simple foods from the forest and nearby humans’ gardens. The main meal most likely is made up of lots of nuts and dried berries, fruit, beans, peas, carrots, beets, potatoes and anything else they can find at this time of year. Gnomes do not eat meat, but do like milk and cheese. Lots of protein there! Gnomes also love beer and fermented berry juice.

During the big feast, there is, of course, a lot of good story telling and many laughs. It is a happy time in our Whimsical Woods around Thanksgiving for all of us and our happy gnomes. A little extra bird seed scattered around is my way of saying thank you to all our little helpers.

Happy Thanksgiving

Birdhouse Bookends

Keeping with our Whimsical Woods motto of using recycled materials, we now have 100% old wood recycled bookends for that special location. I’ve added the birdhouse look for a country feeling. Very popular for the fireplace mantel or bookshelf. These are new to our product list and can make a wonderful holiday gift for someone special. They can be ordered off our website at


Bigger is Better!

Here at Whimsical Woods, we can custom make Garden Gnome Homes that can be made as tall as 6 ft. These large Gnome Homes are for outdoor garden settings that can be viewed from a distance, thus larger features. The large custom creations are usually picked up by the customer, or we can work out a delivery solution. The best visual effect is a grouping of three at slightly different elevations. Add in some large boulders/rocks, small cedar trees, ferns, etc. and you’ve designed a very attractive unique garden feature. The addition of low wattage, 12 VDC outdoor waterproof lighting really makes it all pop out at night. Very whimsical!

I enjoy talking to those who are looking to add a little something different and have a little imagination to get a picture in their mind of what it might look like.

The bigger the Gnome Home, the further away you can see it to enjoy.

All in fun for all.

IMG_0364 IMG_1910 Giant Gnome Home almost as big as Val!

The Gnome Family Starts

The Gnome Family

After the honeymoon is over, the new couple settles into their new home in the groom’s village. It takes some time and a lot of visits to meet everyone, but over a period of weeks, the new bride is welcomed by friendship and a lot of sharing.

Before you “gnome” it, a set of twins is born with great celebration and joy. I have read that years ago, the families were very large, but now days they are a lot smaller in size for some reason.

Raising the twins is a shared effort by both parents. The mom’s responsibility is to teach their daughter the knowledge of the home – cooking, cleaning and making clothes, etc. The father teaches the son the skills they will need as they grow up like building, painting, sawmill operation, ceramics, glass blowing and gardening. Both parents teach their little ones the care needed to help their forest friends. Helping the sick, mending wounds, feeding the hungry and giving comfort.

For 100 years, they’ll live as a family growing and sharing the joys of the gnome life. There is very little stress, disagreement, or bitterness in the gnome community. Everyone helps each other expecting nothing in return, but we know what one gives, comes back to you in much greater ways. We humans could learn a lot from these little people.Maybe that is why, when we see a gnome figure, we usually have uncontrolled smiles.

All is well here at Whimsical Woods.

Mr. and Mrs. Gnome

Mr and Mrs Gnome

With the average age of 400 years for an adult gnome, the time for marriage is around 100 years old. The search for a girl may take the male gnome a long way from home. He travels via his favorite large goose that can easily carry him to other communities. I have read the boy gnome prefers plump womenfolk with nice round forms. Like us humans, the relationship starts with a careful introduction, small gifts and supervised time together. Just like us.(?) Next comes the introduction to the female’s parents and family, followed by her family’s visit back to his clan’s location to carefully inspect the home he has built with his male and female family and friends. The future father-in-law is the key inspector and judge. If all goes well, the wedding is planned.

At the stroke of midnight, under the bride’s birthday tree and in her mother’s family wedding dress, they are married. It is a small, but emotional wedding attended by close family and forest friends looking on from the woods.

A very festive dinner follows the wedding ceremony consisting of ripe nuts, fruit, greens, grains and of course beer and wine. Dancing is very important along with many stories and jokes. This all sounds like our weddings, doesn’t it?

The “young” 100-year old couple then heads out for a distant honeymoon trip, again using their favorite and  strongest animal friends for transportation and safe passage.

The beginning of a new life and many more stories to come. All is well here in our Whimsical Woods.


Gnome swinging in the hops vines

Hops are easy to grow here in the Pacific Northwest. They grow just like ivy to a height of 12’ or so and make a great arbor cover. Hops are a needed ingredient for making beer which the gnomes enjoy doing. They’re from Scandinavia, so beer making and drinking is in their genes.

A few hops buds go a long way.  We harvest ours and give to our son who is an excellent home brewer in So. Cal. We, of course, always leave a few for the gnomes. Nothing finer than a cold home-brewed beer on a hot day.

Hops are an perennial  plant. They die back to the ground and jump out in the spring. The smell of the mature hops is very sweet and autumn like. We bought ours in Eastern Washington where it is grown commercially. You need tall poles and rich watered soils to produce the hops but not something everyone has growing in their garden.

“Hop” on at Whimsical Woods. All is well.

Bird Feeders, Suet Feeders – Summertime!

Suet feeder and Val's homemade suetHere in the Pacific Northwest, we are blooming with daffodils and tulips, a sure sign of warmer weather. Some parts of the country are still seeing snow and much cooler temperatures. As the season changes, it becomes less important to feed the birds. Of course, you can continue, but they’re able now (or soon) to find the food nature provides. If you enjoy watching the birds, keep your feeders full. The natural suet/lard filling we make does not contain wax or any other unnatural fillers to prevent melting in the heat and direct sun. Store bought suet is like a white brick likely not to melt, but who knows what it’s made of to prevent that.

If your daytime temperatures are around 60° F and you have hung your suet feeders in the shade, you should be okay. You’ll see it dripping if it gets too warm and then it’s time to put it away until next Fall.

Seed feeders and hummingbird feeders are welcome all year round, but not necessary. The flocks of our ground feeding birds are gone now. Likely eating real bugs! Our summer time hummingbird mixture is 4 parts water and 1 part sugar (no food coloring!). Thoroughly boil the mixture first. The winter mix is strong, 3:1. The red dye in the hummingbird mix you find in the store contains red dye #4 and I’ve read,  is very harmful to the birds’ kidneys. Clear water in a red feeder works just fine.

Enjoy your Spring and bird watching

All is well

Gnomes and Birds

BNH-redWe are seeing the return of song birds to our log bird houses here in our Whimsical Woods. Nest building is in full swing now. We’ve put up a few of our popular Bird Nester’s Huts around our house and enjoy seeing the birds pick out just the right type of material for their nests. It’s not too late though to get a few sent to you for your birds to start building their nest with. It is fun to watch! Note – the Bird Nester’s Huts come fully loaded with nesting materials.

I would not be surprised if a few gnomes snuck out at night to grab a handful of brightly colored yarn or wool to take to their home for a new set of slippers. You just never “gnome” what they’re up to.

The older birds will introduce the little ones to the kindness and help that the gnomes provide. Not uncommon for a group of crafty gnomes to help a little chick back into their nest if they were to fall out.

The gnomes tend to hurt birds and often share their seeds with them. Keep that birdseed coming for a little longer. A sign of good luck and fortune is having a new bird nest near your house.

Song birds and nearby gnomes are two very good things to have around your home. Add a gnome home and chances are they will be there. If you are smiling, they are already close by. That’s what happens.

All is well. Birds are singing and the sun is out here at Whimsical Woods.


Gnoming When to Plant

Garden gnomes are reported to be excellent gardeners and caretakers. It is that time now, mid to late Spring, that we all look forward to getting the garden set with this summer’s fresh home-grown vegetables. Aside from forest mushrooms, the gnomes will look to help themselves to what the humans have planted. And they take great joy in catching those slugs.

Rabbits are their friends, so in they may come. Now the deer are also good friends with the gnomes and when they’re in the garden, they can eat way too much. So, the garden owner will probably overlook the slugs and work on the larger deer problem (tall fence and locked gate!)

After a long, cold winter, the gnomes are looking for fresh vegetables too. A fun gift from the gardener’s children is to lay out an extra carrot or two, maybe a few fresh greens and other Spring vegetables. Organic is best, but they’ll appreciate almost anything now. Make friends with your garden gnomes and they will return the gift and watch over your garden all summer.

Need a few little gnome garden homes around, just let us know. They’re on our website and we’d love to ship you one, or a few. They will be noticed and greatly appreciated.

All is well. Happy Easter to all.