“Gnome” More Squash!

>If squash grew to human size, as it does for gnomes, we’d stand next to a surfboard-tall squash! That’s a lot of bread! I am hoping our little garden friends come to like squash, a lot, and soon. Seems they prefer the strawberries, but then, so do I! The Whimsical Garden has done well this year despite the cool start of summer.

We still have green tomatoes this year and it’s the end of August! Hoping for a hot Fall to ripen them. Being from British and Scandinavian backgrounds, gnomes must like fried green tomatoes. If you haven’t tried a few in a hot pan with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, give it a try. Our garden gnomes must be busy, because everything is growing well. They can have all they can carry away! Just don’t let the deer in anymore. We had our words about that last year.

Blackberries and Marionberries are ripening now – the very thing gnomes need for wine making. I even have two large hops vines loaded with hops for their beer. Gnomes, berries, hops – add a brew master and what could be better? Our little fellows have got to be very happy now. Let’s see what mischief this causes.

All is well

Gnomes Make You Smile!

>What is it about gnomes that cause most people to smile when they see a little gnome or one of our gnome homes? What triggers this reaction? Happy thoughts and emotions. Visitors to our booth usually start to smile when the see the gnome homes and figures. I will say the reaction is 99% from females while the “grumpy old men” have no clue. There have been a few exceptions, however. “Old Cedar Log Gnome Village” was requested by a male homeowner!

Is it hidden in our youth? Many tell me family stories of their elders collecting gnomes and telling stories around the campfire years ago. Most have old family memories associated with these happy little people.

The reason may not be a single answer, but a variety of memories and associations that come out, somewhat uncontrollably on our faces. A big smile and deep breath. I appreciate and enjoy that something I do brings smiles to strangers faces.

Thank you for your reactions and smiles. We plan for a lot more. All is well when you smile!

No Place Like Gnome is back!

We are back! Our daughter’s wedding here at Whimsical Woods was a wonderful, colorful and home-centered event. Our focus for many months was the preparation, grooming and landscaping of our home and setting for the special event. That effort took us away from our gnome stories and whimsical fun. That is why you have not seen any new stories and pictures for some time. The story lines are now flowing and the little woodland gnomes here at Whimsical Woods certainly enjoyed the wedding and abundance of left over beer and wine!

I got the suggestion to have more big events here. Nice try. That was it. Now on with the stories and having fun. Glad to “gnome” we were missed!

Seattle Gnome Home Project


Whimsical Woods Gnome Homes in a Seattle Garden
Gnome Homes in a Garden setting

Thank you Terry and Sylvia from Seattle, for the photos of your new gnome village project. Excellent placement of the Whimsical Woods large gnome homes in and under the nearby foliage. The goal is to partially hide the gnome homes during the day and softly illuminate them at night with low voltage outdoor lighting. If you have a similar scene, try to plant a small fern or other tall, leafy plant in front of your ground-mounted light. As the wind blows the plant, it will rake the shadows over your gnome scene creating a very whimsical effect. Brings it alive!

I believe this project is not yet completed and there will be another gnome home added soon. Hopefully, Terry will send more photos that I can share.

Any questions on low voltage outdoor lighting, send me an email. It is amazing what new effects you can generate from your existing yard with a few up lights at the base of a tree, into a large rock, etc.

Come out to Sequim for the world famous Lavender Farm Faire July 15, 16, 17, 2011 which includes tours of many lavender farms. http://www.sequimlavenderfarms.org. We will have a booth at the Port Williamson Lavender Farm, a beautiful farm overlooking the Bay. Stop by and say hi. Bring your camera and spend the weekend! Enjoy!!

Mini Gnomes and Mini Homes!


Mini Gnome Home

All gnome homes, big or small, add charm and whimsy to almost any setting. This little gnome home is going into a terrarium setting in the lobby of a local assisted living home surrounded by little bridges and paths, etc. I’ll post a picture of the completed project soon. Compare this to my previous post of May 3 with large gnome homes on an old cedar stump.

The Sequim Open Aire Market (SOAM) http://www.sequimmarket.com has opened for our 15th Season. Sequim is rich in locally grown fresh farm produce and very gifted local artisans and crafters. If you are looking for a weekend getaway, come out to Sequim. Camp in one of the many local campgrounds, a B&B and be sure to visit the nearby Olympic National Park. Come by our market, find me, and introduce yourself!

The annual Lavender Festival is set for July 15, 16, 17 and is a special time here in Sequim. Many farms are open and full of beautiful blooming lavender, plus several street fairs. A fun family weekend!
Whimsical Woods will be at the Port Williams Lavender Farm on Port Williams Road in Sequim. You can take a shuttle bus from Carrie Black Park. It is a wonderful three day event. http://www.sequimlavenderfarms.org.

Spring is here, the garden is growing and I’m sure the gnomes are planning their summer activities and menus. That’s all for now. Think big or small – gnome homes for all, and all will be well!

North American Gnomes


Garden Gnome

Where do the gnomes live around the country, you might ask? I haven’t read of a single confirmed sighting by any two people simultaneously spotting one of our little fellows. I have seen a map showing a high concentration around all the Great Lakes, the very northeastern tip of Maine, and here in the Pacific Northwest. The climate and temperature zones are similar to the gnomes original roots in Central Europe.

We see the same type of dress, home styles and woodland behaviors that their great ancestors had. It has been reported that there is a large population in Canada, around Hudson Bay. With gnomes’ ability to hitch a ride on  migrating Canadian geese, it is not surprising to expect them in Northern USA, but I haven’t read of any gnomes in Arizona or Florida. They like short days and long winter nights. A gnome in flip-flops and sunglasses can only come from China or Disneyland, or maybe the Dollar Store at 50% off!  ha ha

Now, with our days at about 16 hours of light, I expect the gnomes to be well rested as they sleep during the day and are up working at night. Snails are very plentiful now, so for snail bait. Go for the little saucer of beer. The little guys love beer and when your gnomes are happy, it will be all is well for you and your family! Keep putting some bird seed out, especially black sunflower seeds. Happy campers. Beer and sunflower seeds. Sounds like a ball game.

Gnome Windows


Gnome Windows

You have seen Whimsical Woods’ gnome homes, gnome doors and now, gnome windows! Like the doors, these are designed to be attached to your favorite tree or stump to turn it into an imaginary gnome home. The windows I’ve seen advertised look plastic and certainly not made of woodland natural materials.  Place these windows along with our natural doors and you will have created the appearance a fine looking gnome home.

Low voltage, 12 vac outdoor landscape lighting can be an great addition. I suggest a couple of fixtures at about 10 watts each, placed about 15 feet back to provide a soft yellowish glow. I’ll be posting some night photos soon.of a gnome home installation I did.

No two windows are the same, so the character will come alive. I may try some other styles in the future. As for a door and window kit, give us a call or email. We can come up with a package arrangement and ship them out to you.

Spring is finally coming to the Pacific Northwest. The forest is waking up and lots of new life is about. Get out and get into your garden! All will be well.

Gnome Homes on a Big Old Cedar Stump


This woodland setting, here in the Pacific Northwest, is the perfect setting for an attractive gnome home placement. The property owner, Tom, saw a location off of his back deck and asked me to install a small village around a very old cedar stump. We decided to arrange three large gnome homes around the stump and up-light them with waterproof 12 VAC low voltage outdoor lighting. After a few sketches and the okay from Tom, I was off to make the three large gnome homes.

The project is now complete and turned out perfectly. A real eye catching transformation of an ordinary wooded setting. The pictures show the before and after to maybe stimulate your imagination. Enjoy, Tom and family! You have a one of a kind landscape.

A side note: When installing 12 VAC low voltage outdoor lighting, buy quality, waterproof fixtures from a trusted dealer rather than from a “box” store. A little more money, but built much better and will last longer. Weather will destroy cheap low cost fixtures. Some basic understanding and care installing outdoor lighting can change the whole landscape appearance. Nobody likes runway looking path lights, but you sure see a lot of them!

The Sequim Open Aire Market opens here in Sequim on Sat., May 14 from 9 am to 3 pm on Cedar Street, downtown Sequim. (We’re about 2.5 hrs. Northwest of Seattle). It would be a beautiful day tip up to the Olympic Peninsula. Come by the Market and look for us, Whimsical Woods. (No place like gnome!) :-) All is well when the gnomes are happy.

Ole-An-Sven’s New Granddaughter


Gnome Baby Leah

In our wonderland here, Whimsical Woods, we have a new granddaughter born in Dec. Her name is Leah. Here she is – dressed in the correct gnome outfit of pink clothing and a green gnome hat! Of course, she is very cute and you can see the natural gnome smile and big, bright eyes.

Even little gnome babies have excellent eyesight and hearing at an early age. The gnome children upbringing mainly falls on the mother and grandmothers. The fathers are out working and taking care of the forest animals. When they return at dawn, after a long night of work, they will play with the little ones telling stories, singing, laughing and maybe a knee horse ride. Then it is off the bed. As the gnome children grow up, they will be taught the various arts and drafts of home making. There is much to learn and they will spend about 1/3 of their life with their family, or about 100 years, before they marry and move out. A lot of time to learn!

We will post updates on little Leah’s progress over the summer. Grandmom Nancy is enjoying time now with gnome baby Leah. A very nice gnome hat also, I must say!

All is well. Frost last night again, but warmer days are ahead. More stories in May.

Gnome Greetings and Good-byes


In my excellent reference book, it is said gnomes express their greetings and good-byes by rubbing noses. Looks like they have big noses, so must be generations of rubbing those slightly pink noses. You usually see gnome likenesses with big smiles and rosy cheeks. Not much different than Santa Claus I think. We know they’re usually happy and smile all the time. It affects us and the forest animals the same way. These little people are deep thinkers and talk with various body gestures to add to their conversations. They can see other gnomes at a great distance and both know all is just fine.

When you see a gnome figure or a cute little gnome home, you smile without even “gnoming” it. :-) That’s a good thing. Adding a few special gnomes to your garden setting or kitchen window box should bring happiness. It’s a small visual time out!

April is almost here. The garden work is calling me. All is well.