Garden Gnome Home Installation


Shown here is a very well set large gnome home with a flat back up against a large fir tree. This was shipped to our new friend, Glenn, in the midwest. He wanted something different in his garden by a large old tree. He added some gnomes and ground cover and now has an attractive focal point in his yard. Note the fence corner. Well done Glenn and thank you for sending this photo back to Whimsical Woods. Looks great!!

“No place like Gnome!” All looks to be very well at Glenn’s house!

Gnome Mobile


Well, the gnomes made me do it! Why not give our broken state a little extra money for a specialized license plate? All in fun, of course. I now see people pass me and stare at me real hard. I guess they expect to see a little gnome driving. I sure don’t look like one though. I smile and wave back and off they go. We’ll add our website address on the back deck here shortly.

If Oscar winners can have a winner mobile, then our gnomes can have a Gnome Mobile! Sounds fair to me.

So, if you see us out and about, now you’ll know who we are. We often travel down to N. California on other business, so you may see us on Highway 5, 50 or in the San Francisco Bay Area, our old stomping grounds. Again, all in fun.

We haven’t seen the new Disney movie yet, “Gnomeo and Juliet” but maybe soon. Let me “gnome” what you think. :-)

More large gnome home photos coming. One recently purchased and installed by Glenn in the midwest, is very well done. Leprechauns and gnomes?? Well, both love lots of beer, so they probably get along just fine. That’s okay with me. All is well. Gnome Mobile over and out!

March Madness – Spring?


Gnomes in the Garden

The woodland gnomes look forward to the night time temperatures  climbing up to warmer Spring like temperatures. All are looking to say goodbye to winter and the snow! Very early vegetables are starting to pup up through the dirt. In a week or so, a few flowers may bloom. Fresh flower for the gnomes!

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re months away from even planting most vegetables. Still too wet and cold, but Spring fever is catching. Gnomes are somewhat dependent on us to plant and grow the vegetables. We accuse the moles of stealing our young plants, but it might just as well be a little gnome plucking a young plant for his family dinner. Plant some big fat radishes or carrots and watch. After a long and cold winter, the gnomes await Spring like we do. They look forward to getting into my garden just like I do. Don’t know if they like rhubarb, but I won’t  miss a few stalks.

I saw some robins, so the worms are starting to move about. I read that gnomes help the robins find the big worms. Must be a little game. Don’t think worms are on gnomes’ favorite food list, but then again, Mac and cheese isn’t either.

March-  in like a lion, out like a lamb. We’ll see. time to get outside and clean up the fallen branches. Spring will come and that’s good news for our little friends in the woods. All is well in our Whimsical Woods.

Gnome Homes – more, more!


Gnome home with skylight
Gnome home from apple stump
Gnome home with hollow core

I have been asked to show more pictures of the various gnome homes that I have made. No two are the same, but the similar likeness is there. These gnome homes are best set into a wooden area surrounded by large and small plants and perhaps other trees. Gnomes like their homes to be a little obscure and blended. Set out by themselves is not in keeping with their written nature. The gnome homes can be as tall or fat as you want, or both. You can get a small one to sit  over your kitchen sink, in a window box if you want. Make yourself a cute little gnome village to look at while doing the dishes.

For maximum affect at night, I would recommend 12 vac low wattage outdoor lighting with a soft spot focused on each home for the best whimsical look.

I am currently building a gnome village for a client with three gnome homes on and around a large old, overgrown cedar stump. I’ll share those pictures here in a month or so. It will be a very special feature to a wooded back yard.

So, more pictures it is. Next to gnome doors, I’ll be offering  whimsical gnome windows. Add a door and some windows to the base of a tree along with a few other forest finds, and you will have tuned your simple tree into an imaginary gnome home. Got to be fun and keep you smiling!

All must be well.

Winter Days Continue – Oh Nuts!

>Spring is still a couple months away with long dark nights and short cloudy days. The weather doesn’t seem to bother our Whimsical Woods gnomes however, They continue about their daily chores and activities. Repairing their homes and wood gathering takes up a lot of their time.

There is always time for fun however. I imagine snowball throwing, sledding and hide and seek games. I also imagine gnomes help the animals find food and remind the squirrels where they hid their acorns and my bird seed. With a barn or two nearby, a group of gnomes can haul away a good amount of high priced horse or rabbit food in a single night. At home here, we put out a little tub of various nuts and they disappear very quickly. Gnomes do not seem to like citrus, but put out a strawberry and it is gone in no time! Not sure they eat it all, but like to share with the  small rodents and other creatures of the forest.

They are very responsible and loyal to those who help them. Hopefully, they have learned that from us over the centuries. That is a good thing.

With that, this is nuts! But likely to crack you up! Sorry. All is well.

Gnome Caps


Gnome Caps: Red for males and black for females

Male gnomes wear tall pointed red caps and female gnomes wear tall black caps. Other than the caps and the men’s beards, the gnomes look very much alike in features. Females wear darker, camouflage colors than the men, while the male gnomes wear the brighter colors.

So, why the pointed caps? One might guess it is to protect gnomes from falling nuts, pinecones, rain or even airborne animals of prey. We also know, from earlier stories, that the caps help the gnomes locate each other in deep snow and for making tunnels under the snow. 

To a gnome, his/her cap is their identity, a reflection of ones self and presence. What an elder gnome must think when he sees young kids today with their caps on backwards! Gnomes takes very good care of their cap by cleaning it daily. It has to be just right, fit well and stand tall.

Should a stray cat come upon a gnome at night, the hat is sacrificed to the cat allowing a speedy escape. Gnomes receive their caps at a young age. Green for girls and red for the boys. With the soon to be movie release (Disney’s “Gnomeo and Juliet”), I’m sure this Fall you’ll see gnome hats in the stores. Maybe gnome hats will become as popular as the Mickey Mouse ears – who knows?

Maybe someone will make me a tall gnome cap. Maybe too much? All in fun of course. I get the point. :-) All is well.

Berryball Playoffs 2011


Gnome Berryball Playoffs 2011

Yes, gnomes play ball games. I’ve read they play a form of rugby. Kind of difficult with a tall pointed red hat, but they seem to enjoy getting wet and dirty. Berryball is like our soccer played by children and adult men. They use a fat rose hip or a fresh snow berry. There are neighborhood fans cheering on both sides. Lots of food cooked over their little fireplaces. Of course, beer and lots of it for both players and fans alike. It must be played in the early morning light, which is towards the end of their day. The little guys have very fast feet and carry lots of speed. That would be quite a sight to see! I wonder if they have little numbers on their backs? From what I can learn, they all look alike. Perhaps the numbers are attached to their tall hats.

Coming up is Berryball Sunday, Feb. 6. There will probably be many full little stomachs and
hangovers. One thing they may not have is Berryball commercials, but then again I don’t know for sure. I’ve heard the “Forest Fir Climbers” are favorites over the “Garden Grape Crushers.” Will advise. Win or loose, it would be a great event to watch. That’s where the extra snow berries have gone!

Enjoy the games and your friends. It all seems to be great fun. All will be well.

Gnomes and Birds


You will find gnomes and birds are the best of friends and, like best friends, depend on each other. A good gnome will always have a pocket full of dry bird seed to share. Probably very early morning as they meet at the first sign of daylight.

A gnome will also move  a forest log to expose fresh bugs or worms for their bird friends. Gnomes are said to be 7 – 10 times stronger than a man for their size. They love smashing dried poppy seed heads. What the birds don’t eat goes into bread making or likely a drink.

When gnomes need special transportation, they call upon a pheasant with a specially attached little basket around its neck. For long trips, we know they call upon geese which are used to flying long distances. Think of them as the 747 of gnome travel.  So, when it comes to helping friends, the gnomes take very good care of the birds and they return the favor. Not sure about chickens, but one can just see a chubby little gnome rolling away a few fresh eggs for breakfast! One egg would feed the whole family.

Spring is a long way away yet. The more bird seed the better for the birds and gnomes.

All is well in our forest here in the Pacific Northwest. Big weekend ahead. Gnomes Berry Ball Playoff. More on gnome games soon. Beer and Berry Ball. Sounds familiar!


Gnome Door, Cedar
Gnome Door, Fir

When we see an artistic garden gate, or a large unique driveway entrance, we subconsciously wonder what is behind it as it  pulls our interest beyond the gate.

I feel the same way about gnome doors and the illusions they trigger in one’s imagination. That’s what I want to happen when you place a gnome door at the base of your favorite tree. I think the more whimsical and natural, and the more real gnome like the better. Plastic doors and windows made in China, just don’t stimulate my imagination.

If you do not have a natural gnome home, then I think you should find the best looking natural real wood door you can find. Let’s say you have a small grove of  trees outside your window.

Setting out a few well designed little doors with soft ground level 12 volt DC lighting at night will landscape your small grove into an imaginary gnome village. How fun! Can you see it in your mind now? Perfect! All will be very well. Need help? Let me “gnome” – ha ha

Gnome Homes


Gnome Home from Birch Log

Thatched Roof Gnome Home
Gnome Homes in a garden setting

From what I have read and heard, the gnome homes vary in appearance across the US and around the world. We  build special log woodland homes and very cute garden gnome homes for those who want to attract our little helpers. Just like bird houses, the use of all natural old logs and forest materials comes together as an attractive and inviting home. No plastic or paint!

Gnomes make various natural color dies for fabric, wood, ceramics, etc. Red for their hats, blue for the jacket and brown for their pants. One I use myself to color new wood to look old and gray is made from steel wool, rusty old nails and white distilled vinegar made up like a tea. You can use red wine too, but only if it went bad and you can’t drink it! A gnome isn’t going to waste wine for coloring.

Gnome home placement: somewhat hidden but yet visible. A grouping of three or more in a small village setting will always bring smiles to both gnomes and humans. I will include some pictures of new settings this Spring. Gnome homes bring goodness and happiness to all and that means all is well.