Gnomes and Fairies

Not a lot has been recorded about the relationship between gnomes and fairies that I have found. As they both live in the Whimsical Woods Fairy Homewoods. Chances are they are helping each other a lot.

The gnomes are excellent crafters and gardeners. The fairies can fly above and spot trouble or look for other gnomes that might need help. They help each other like a good neighbor should. I think the variety of food they eat is similar. I do not think the fairies like beer however, but let the gnomes have a little fun now and then.

There are some similarities between a woodland gnome home and a woodland fairy home. Here at Whimsical Woods, we’ve made some of both and they are on display on our website.

To help furnish your fairy home, we have also made fairy furniture kits and fairy garden kits filled with moss, small rocks, sticks, flower pods, a colorful mushroom, etc.). Just contact us for details.

Having both gnomes and fairies around must be a wonderful thing. I’ve never actually seen either one, but I sense they’ve seen us from a distance. Perhaps a dragon fly is really a fairy in disguise? We have all seen dragon flys come nearby, stop and then zoom away. Was that really a fairy coming to say hello? Our forest friends for sure. Fairies and Gnomes. :-)

All is well here at Whimsical Woods.

Gnome Christmas

The history of gnomes can be traced back almost 2,000 years. A gnome statue was discovered and carbon dated back Gnome Christmas1,000 years. I’ve read their origins are early Scandinavian and were certainly very religious in spirit and life style. With that said, one can assume the gnomes celebrated a form of Christmas and the important christian meanings. They do not have a bible, per say, but something called the “Secret Book” which is kept by the elder gnome and respectfully read and listened to daily. It contains the spiritual guidelines and meanings to many things. The celebration of Christmas and Thanksgiving must be referred to in this Secret Book. Just how, I do not know, but let’s assume, at one time, there was a very great gnome that inspired those who followed and was referred to in the Secret Book. Perhaps it is his birth that has become the gnome Christmas, like the birth of Jesus for us.

Truly a time of reflection, sharing and spiritual renewal. A celebration of families, friends and forest animals. Larger than normal special meals and songs for sure. As for gift giving, I think that they do share a special hand made gift. The gnomes are very crafty and seem most have a skill from which comes sharing a gift. There are no stores, nor likely money to use. What works for gnomes is pure sharing and exchanges as well as singing and dancing and words from the good book.

Have you ever found fancy wrapping ribbon in the woods on Christmas day? How do you suppose it got there? Likely our little friends pulled it out of the trash at night and had a merry time decorating themselves and dancing around. Oh, what fun! A gnome Christmas. One can only imagine the fun and excitement the little gnomes must have.

A Merry Christmas to all from the families here at Whimsical Woods. All is well!