Gnome Greetings and Good-byes

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In my excellent reference book, it is said gnomes express their greetings and good-byes by rubbing noses. Looks like they have big noses, so must be generations of rubbing those slightly pink noses. You usually see gnome likenesses with big smiles and rosy cheeks. Not much different than Santa Claus I think. We know they’re usually happy and smile all the time. It affects us and the forest animals the same way. These little people are deep thinkers and talk with various body gestures to add to their conversations. They can see other gnomes at a great distance and both know all is just fine.

When you see a gnome figure or a cute little gnome home, you smile without even “gnoming” it. :-) That’s a good thing. Adding a few special gnomes to your garden setting or kitchen window box should bring happiness. It’s a small visual time out!

April is almost here. The garden work is calling me. All is well.

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