Gnome Homes on a Big Old Cedar Stump

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This woodland setting, here in the Pacific Northwest, is the perfect setting for an attractive gnome home placement. The property owner, Tom, saw a location off of his back deck and asked me to install a small village around a very old cedar stump. We decided to arrange three large gnome homes around the stump and up-light them with waterproof 12 VAC low voltage outdoor lighting. After a few sketches and the okay from Tom, I was off to make the three large gnome homes.

The project is now complete and turned out perfectly. A real eye catching transformation of an ordinary wooded setting. The pictures show the before and after to maybe stimulate your imagination. Enjoy, Tom and family! You have a one of a kind landscape.

A side note: When installing 12 VAC low voltage outdoor lighting, buy quality, waterproof fixtures from a trusted dealer rather than from a “box” store. A little more money, but built much better and will last longer. Weather will destroy cheap low cost fixtures. Some basic understanding and care installing outdoor lighting can change the whole landscape appearance. Nobody likes runway looking path lights, but you sure see a lot of them!

The Sequim Open Aire Market opens here in Sequim on Sat., May 14 from 9 am to 3 pm on Cedar Street, downtown Sequim. (We’re about 2.5 hrs. Northwest of Seattle). It would be a beautiful day tip up to the Olympic Peninsula. Come by the Market and look for us, Whimsical Woods. (No place like gnome!) :-) All is well when the gnomes are happy.

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