“Gnome” More Squash!

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>If squash grew to human size, as it does for gnomes, we’d stand next to a surfboard-tall squash! That’s a lot of bread! I am hoping our little garden friends come to like squash, a lot, and soon. Seems they prefer the strawberries, but then, so do I! The Whimsical Garden has done well this year despite the cool start of summer.

We still have green tomatoes this year and it’s the end of August! Hoping for a hot Fall to ripen them. Being from British and Scandinavian backgrounds, gnomes must like fried green tomatoes. If you haven’t tried a few in a hot pan with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, give it a try. Our garden gnomes must be busy, because everything is growing well. They can have all they can carry away! Just don’t let the deer in anymore. We had our words about that last year.

Blackberries and Marionberries are ripening now – the very thing gnomes need for wine making. I even have two large hops vines loaded with hops for their beer. Gnomes, berries, hops – add a brew master and what could be better? Our little fellows have got to be very happy now. Let’s see what mischief this causes.

All is well

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