Gnome Windows



Gnome Windows

You have seen Whimsical Woods’ gnome homes, gnome doors and now, gnome windows! Like the doors, these are designed to be attached to your favorite tree or stump to turn it into an imaginary gnome home. The windows I’ve seen advertised look plastic and certainly not made of woodland natural materials.  Place these windows along with our natural doors and you will have created the appearance a fine looking gnome home.

Low voltage, 12 vac outdoor landscape lighting can be an great addition. I suggest a couple of fixtures at about 10 watts each, placed about 15 feet back to provide a soft yellowish glow. I’ll be posting some night photos soon.of a gnome home installation I did.

No two windows are the same, so the character will come alive. I may try some other styles in the future. As for a door and window kit, give us a call or email. We can come up with a package arrangement and ship them out to you.

Spring is finally coming to the Pacific Northwest. The forest is waking up and lots of new life is about. Get out and get into your garden! All will be well.

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