Gnomes Make You Smile!

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>What is it about gnomes that cause most people to smile when they see a little gnome or one of our gnome homes? What triggers this reaction? Happy thoughts and emotions. Visitors to our booth usually start to smile when the see the gnome homes and figures. I will say the reaction is 99% from females while the “grumpy old men” have no clue. There have been a few exceptions, however. “Old Cedar Log Gnome Village” was requested by a male homeowner!

Is it hidden in our youth? Many tell me family stories of their elders collecting gnomes and telling stories around the campfire years ago. Most have old family memories associated with these happy little people.

The reason may not be a single answer, but a variety of memories and associations that come out, somewhat uncontrollably on our faces. A big smile and deep breath. I appreciate and enjoy that something I do brings smiles to strangers faces.

Thank you for your reactions and smiles. We plan for a lot more. All is well when you smile!

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