We know gnomes are respectful and follow the teachings of the “Secret Book” usually read by a very senior elder. Not sure if it is a religious book like ours, but likely a very powerful reference for their lives. In this place of readings, there is believed to be a focal object of power and symbolism. That object is a glowing rock called Gnomite. Our good friends, Mark and Cindy Kochanek, experienced rock hounds, came upon this very rate Gnomite on a recent trip into the central Nevada mountains. They will return to find more in coming trips. I now have a glowing Gnomite here at Whimsical Woods. I think this is the first recorded photograph of an actual Gnomite spiritual object used by the gnomes. As a beacon for our little fellows, I trust they will come and observe – perfectly round and glowing in the dark night. Thank you to Mark and Cindy. Our Whimsical Woods gnomes also thank you. Good thinks will happen I’m sure. I will carry this to our summer arts and crafts shows in a special log center to be called St. Gnomie’s.

All in fun, and all is well here at Whimsical Woods. http://whimsicalwoods.netGnomite Discovered!

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