Mini Gnomes and Mini Homes!

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Mini Gnome Home

All gnome homes, big or small, add charm and whimsy to almost any setting. This little gnome home is going into a terrarium setting in the lobby of a local assisted living home surrounded by little bridges and paths, etc. I’ll post a picture of the completed project soon. Compare this to my previous post of May 3 with large gnome homes on an old cedar stump.

The Sequim Open Aire Market (SOAM) has opened for our 15th Season. Sequim is rich in locally grown fresh farm produce and very gifted local artisans and crafters. If you are looking for a weekend getaway, come out to Sequim. Camp in one of the many local campgrounds, a B&B and be sure to visit the nearby Olympic National Park. Come by our market, find me, and introduce yourself!

The annual Lavender Festival is set for July 15, 16, 17 and is a special time here in Sequim. Many farms are open and full of beautiful blooming lavender, plus several street fairs. A fun family weekend!
Whimsical Woods will be at the Port Williams Lavender Farm on Port Williams Road in Sequim. You can take a shuttle bus from Carrie Black Park. It is a wonderful three day event.

Spring is here, the garden is growing and I’m sure the gnomes are planning their summer activities and menus. That’s all for now. Think big or small – gnome homes for all, and all will be well!

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