This is a gnome village project that Terry and Sylvia from Seattle installed. Excellent placement of the Whimsical Woods large gnome homes in and under the nearby foliage. The goal is to partially hide the gnome
IMG_7683 homes during the day and softly illuminate them at night with low voltage outdoor lighting. If you have a similar scene, try to plant a small fern or other tall, leafy plant in front of your ground-mounted light. As the wind blows the plant, it will rake the shadows over your gnome scene creating a very whimsical effect. Brings it alive!
Any questions on low voltage outdoor lighting, send me an email. It is amazing what new effects you can generate from your existing yard with a few up lights at the base of a tree, into a large rock, etc.

Large or small gnome homes can add a whimsical

touch to your garden, deck, patio, porch, etc. Let us       know how we can help!

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