Woodland Potluck

It appears the gnomes will gather for a Sat. night meeting and woodland potluck.IMG_4527 Lots of fresh produce from our garden, thanks to their help, provides a plentiful setting. Maybe I’ll scatter some good black sunflower seeds about to add to their banquet along with a red strawberry or… two. I know they’ll disappear overnight.

Garden Gnomes

Garden GnomeGarden Gnomes are very popular and a desired visitor to most any garden. You want them to keep a lookout and assist in your garden’s success. These little helpers can turn a black thumb into a green thumb in one season!

They are fully aware of organic gardening skills and care for various vegetables and flowers. They are know to be very shy and moody as well as very observant of us and nature. We want to keep them happy with fresh water, red strawberries and little snail tins full of fresh beer. Most important, lots of fresh beer! They will deal with the slugs and snails after they brink your beer. And all these years you were taught that snails crawled into the beer and drowned. The Garden gnomes drink the beer and then toss the snail in. Very smart. Venture into your garden at night and listen for a little “belch” or “burp.” Have you ever seen a snail or slug actually crawling into a beer filled tin? But you find them there in the morning. So, there you go. Garden gnomes are very good to have. You’ll need a gnome home, however, for them and you already “gnome” where you can get one of those!

The Whimsical Woods Gnome Stories and Blog is back!

IMG_3191Where have we been you might ask? The Costco Connection magazine printed an article about Whimsical Woods in their March 2012 edition. Some of you might have seen it. If not, here is a link. With appreciation to the fine editors at the Costco Connection magazine, we have been a little busy filling orders and shipping gnome homes, bird houses, etc. all over the country for the last 4 – 5 months. http://www.costcoconnection.com/connection/201203#pg95
We also completely revamped our website to bring it up to date with modern day web technology, Thanks to ouir awesom web designer, Jef Gunion. http://guniondesign.com.

We have written many gnome stories over the years and they are now included in our new site under the “Blog” heading. Many have not seen them, but now they are easy to access without ever leaving our website.

I thought it would be fun to go back to the beginning of our stories and reprint some of them. That said, we are happy to re-run some of the more popular stories for all to enjoy. So with that, I take you back to our first introduction and continue from there.

Enjoy and let’s hear from you! Keep in touch and the spirit of our friendly little gnomes in your heart. It makes all smile.


No Place Like Gnome! – Aug. 25, 2010
There is news and activity here on our forest floor regarding the pending cooling days ahead. Somehow the ducks and geese flying overhead have alerted the gnomes of a bad winter this year. Gnomes have special means to predict future weather by looking at the foliage and watching the ants. I sometimes see little piles of deer fur here and there which the Gnomes use to make warm boots. We have lots of deer, so no shortage for boots! Likely we’ll see little stacks of seeds and nuts next as they prepare for winter. Here I thought the birds were eating all my food! The Gnomes live well in the forest and with our vegetable garden nearby. I think they are very happy.