Gnomes, Bird’s Delight

IMG_7634Cold winter days and nights are upon us now. The birds that didn’t fly south are in need of food. One of the kinder relationships between the gnomes and birds is helping to provide bird food during the winter months.

A favorite is the gnomes’ recipe (suet like) call “Birds Delight.” First the gnomes must raid the barn or vegetable storage room to find the rendered lard used for cooking. Peanut butter mixed with shortening will also work. So, two parts suet, one or two parts yellow cornmeal, one part sugar. Mix it all together by hand adding a few tablespoons of fine salt and fine sand. The sand is needed to help digestion. I also add the best quality bird seed you can afford. I prefer the excellent 100% edible birdseed from Costco. They have it in a big green box. Perfect for feeders too and there are no cheap fillers. Good job Costco!

You can mold your mixture into squares for the commercial cages, or purchase a suet feeder from us at They look perfectly natural, like a tree! So, gather your mixings and invite the kids. A big mess perhaps, but fun.

A word of warning, raccoons will tear down a feeder if they can get to it. I use an old style “slinky over the pole stretched and secured at the top and bottom. They cannot deal with this and will not be able to climb up. Same for squirrels. A funny thing to watch though.

So, have some fun and treat the birds to a winter delight. You will enjoy watching the popularity of a simple suet like feeder.

All is well at Whimsical Woods.

Gnomes and Birds

BNH-redWe are seeing the return of song birds to our log bird houses here in our Whimsical Woods. Nest building is in full swing now. We’ve put up a few of our popular Bird Nester’s Huts around our house and enjoy seeing the birds pick out just the right type of material for their nests. It’s not too late though to get a few sent to you for your birds to start building their nest with. It is fun to watch! Note – the Bird Nester’s Huts come fully loaded with nesting materials.

I would not be surprised if a few gnomes snuck out at night to grab a handful of brightly colored yarn or wool to take to their home for a new set of slippers. You just never “gnome” what they’re up to.

The older birds will introduce the little ones to the kindness and help that the gnomes provide. Not uncommon for a group of crafty gnomes to help a little chick back into their nest if they were to fall out.

The gnomes tend to hurt birds and often share their seeds with them. Keep that birdseed coming for a little longer. A sign of good luck and fortune is having a new bird nest near your house.

Song birds and nearby gnomes are two very good things to have around your home. Add a gnome home and chances are they will be there. If you are smiling, they are already close by. That’s what happens.

All is well. Birds are singing and the sun is out here at Whimsical Woods.



1767_BH_1_lgOur natural birdhouses are made from recycled old logs and barn wood and result in a very natural looking and functional birdhouse. The log is our canvas and the forest finds are our paints. All of our birdhouses are fully functional with approximately a 1.25 inch hole and a 3 inch removable clean out on the bottom.

Whimsical Woods log birdhouses make the perfect gift and addition to your garden or back yard. They also survive well in the winter! :-)

Natural Birdhouses made by Val Jackson


In the cold winter season, birds flock to the ever popular and nutritious suet feeders. Birds need protein and fat all winter long

Suet feeders with Val's homemade suetas their main food source, live bugs, are gone. Homemade mixtures are easy to make and are much healthier and cost less than the commercial suet cakes. Side-by-side tests prove that birds prefer the fresh suet/lard mix over the store-bought cakes.

Lard is easy to obtain and comes already rendered, like Crisco. You should be able to find it at your local market or specialty food store in tubs or 1 lb packages. We buy a 5 gal. bucket at a restaurant supply outlet.

To the lard, I add a generous amount of sugar and oatmeal (the quick-cooking kind which I pulverize in a food processor), which seems to stiffen up the mixture. It doesn’t need refrigeration, but should be kept cool. Add birdseed if you wish. The birds want the energy to to keep warm.

If you have a special recipe and/or photo, please share it with us. Have fun. Need a feeder? Drop us a line.

Suet feeder with homemade suet