A “Choking” Gnome

Gnome in the artichoke patchFamiliar to garden gnomes are the very popular garden grown artichokes here in the Pacific Northwest.

Not only are they good to eat, but once the leaves are dried, they are used in many different ways around the gnome households. They can be used as a canvas on which they paint using forest stains and homemade paints. They can also be used as window shutters, light deflectors and even shingles on small wood sheds.

Gnomes have also found uses for artichokes as illness remedies. They are an excellent source for various vitamins and great tea. The gnomes mix artichoke tea with fennel seeds. I’ve read it helps flatulence. Oh yes, nothing worse than a little gnome running around the forest tooting its way along. :-)

The artichoke stalks are taken apart and the very stringy core is used to weave ropes for use around  gnome households. What is not used by the gnomes is saved for their deer friends. They seem to enjoy chewing the stringy stalks. Maybe it helps them also. Let a deer get into your garden and you’ll see. Best have a gnome-proof gate latch, if there is such a thing? Very smart, these little people and we love their company here at Whimsical Woods.

All in fun and all is well.


Gnome Homes, Collectors Editions

Collectors Choice Gnome HomeI am always looking for new, imaginative gnome homes to tweak imaginations and bring smiles to many faces.

The Collectors Edition is a new use of old and very oddly shaped pieces of logs that can be sculptured into a very different style of gnome home. These are a lot of fun for me to make. I start with firewood (before it hits the burn pile) and take it from there. These were destined for a fireplace, but now will be a special gnome home!

No two are the same, that’s for sure. What you have, no one else will have. I’ve been told they remind people of the story of “The Little Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe.”

The ideal setting for these, I suggest, is on a window level table. Find two or three house plants of various heights and create a little forest around the gnome home. The idea is to blend the gnome home into the wood like setting. What you are now doing is making a living art piece on your table! The scene can be changed, added to, moved to a new location and certainly feel free to add a couple gnomes! :-)

Placing them outside is okay, but likely to get lost in their surroundings. In my opinion, best to locate them inside and put it where you and others can view it up close. It will surely attract attention and smiles.

These Collectors Choice Gnome Homes are not available on our website as they are all one of a kind. We’ll have them at our various art shows in Washington and our local Sequim Farmer’s Market. If visiting the area, call us (360-452-7308)  and arrange a time to come by our Whimsical Woods to select the Gnome Home just right for you.

Shown here are a few examples of our Collectors Choice Gnome Homes. We have many to choose from.

All in fun, all is well.


New Gnome and Hobbit Homes

Adding to our wide product line of gnome homes and bird houses, Val has branched out (no pun intended) to construct a variety of Collector’s Choice Gnome/Hobbit homes for large and small settings. These are new for our 2013 local market and state-wide art shows.

We offered some of these last year and are happy to see all have found a good home. :-) This winter, Val has been preparing many more both large (pictured) and small special and whimsical gnome homes. All new for 2013 in addition to our website selections. All in fun. Let us hear from you!
http://www.whimsicalwoods.netLarge Gnome Home

Gnomite Discovered!

We know gnomes are respectful and follow the teachings of the “Secret Book” usually read by a very senior elder. Not sure if it is a religious book like ours, but likely a very powerful reference for their lives. In this place of readings, there is believed to be a focal object of power and symbolism. That object is a glowing rock called Gnomite. Our good friends, Mark and Cindy Kochanek, experienced rock hounds, came upon this very rate Gnomite on a recent trip into the central Nevada mountains. They will return to find more in coming trips. I now have a glowing Gnomite here at Whimsical Woods. I think this is the first recorded photograph of an actual Gnomite spiritual object used by the gnomes. As a beacon for our little fellows, I trust they will come and observe – perfectly round and glowing in the dark night. Thank you to Mark and Cindy. Our Whimsical Woods gnomes also thank you. Good thinks will happen I’m sure. I will carry this to our summer arts and crafts shows in a special log center to be called St. Gnomie’s.

All in fun, and all is well here at Whimsical Woods. http://whimsicalwoods.netGnomite Discovered!

Gnomes in Seattle Rain

It is well known that it rains a lot in Seattle and those who live here are usually very prepared. Our gnomes here at Whimsical Woods are no exception. We know they are very crafty, resourceful and have a great sense of humor.

Gnome rain hatThe tall hats they wear do a pretty good job of deflecting the rain, but they then become very wet and heavy. Care must be taken to clean and dry their pointed hats. That takes time. Here is a Whimsical Woods gnome with an improvised, perfect organic version of an attractive rain protector for their special hats.

The gnomes will use what they can find. These large green plant leaves became a gnome rain hat. How smart they are! Let it rain.

All in fun. All is well here at Whimsical Woods. http://whimsicalwoods.net

The Gnome Top Hat

The tall red gnome hat

As seen in some of our blog and Facebook photos taken at our weekly Sequim Open Aire Market, my new large red gnome hat attracts joyful attention. A generous gift from another vendor, Ellen Lloyd, Olga’s Yurt of Fiber, it always brings smiles and fun to those who place it on their head and always results in a photo-op!  What visitors must think when they return home having visited Sequim and had their picture taken with a scaled to fit red gnome hat!

Always worn by both male and female gnomes, their hats are only removed at bed time. Likely while bathing and seated at the dinner table, also (?). I’ve read a gnome does not feel like a gnome unless they have their hat on. Never a bare head. Child gnomes receive their first hats at a very early age and are taught to care and repair it for the rest of their life, which is 350 to 400 years! The importance of this hat in helping the gnome is numerous because it is pointed and hard, it can protect them from falling nuts, small branches, snow, rain and sometimes predator attacking birds and animals.

The tall red gnome hat is the signature of a proud gnome.

Seattle Gnome Home Project

This is a gnome village project that Terry and Sylvia from Seattle installed. Excellent placement of the Whimsical Woods large gnome homes in and under the nearby foliage. The goal is to partially hide the gnome
IMG_7683 homes during the day and softly illuminate them at night with low voltage outdoor lighting. If you have a similar scene, try to plant a small fern or other tall, leafy plant in front of your ground-mounted light. As the wind blows the plant, it will rake the shadows over your gnome scene creating a very whimsical effect. Brings it alive!
Any questions on low voltage outdoor lighting, send me an email. It is amazing what new effects you can generate from your existing yard with a few up lights at the base of a tree, into a large rock, etc.

Large or small gnome homes can add a whimsical

touch to your garden, deck, patio, porch, etc. Let us       know how we can help!

“Deer” Me!


Last night I left our garden gate open, and there went our beautiful roses! The gnomes had tried to scare the deer away, but gave up and had to resolve to watching and laughing while the deer enjoyed their midnight snack. I expect to find puffs of deer fur now on the gate latch as a little friendly reminder. Their little way of poking fun at me. ha ha – tee hee!