Gnomes Love Snow

In sympathy and support of all of you on the frozen eastern part of the country, why not bring you a this snow gnome story of the past? This is from a Dec. 2014 blog story, but for many new viewers, and “likes” you might enjoy a gnome snow featured story and pictures.

Snow – Snow – Oh, No!RGS_3962

Now that winter is here and the snow begins to fall and pile up, our little gnome friends become little kids. They have fun playing in the snow. I heard once they make snowmen to look like us and have a good laugh. While out in the snow, they wear boots with special soles to look like animal prints. This is a very clever way of fooling those who want to catch or follow them. You can look around the ground under a bird feeder for their little show prints. The gnomes will walk in circles, or steps on moss and bare twigs in order to disguise their travels.

And yes, they play in the snow on old bark or dried leaves as a sled. They will roll up a snowball and roll it down a little slope to make a sled run. Just like us humans, they play in the snow.

Home is always warm and cozy with a glowing fireplace and a warm cup of apple cider. Maybe a cookie or two.

So, look for little prints in the snow. A bird, rabbit or even deer tracks in the fresh snow. If you smell a little smoke in the forest, chances are it came from a warm gnome home’s fireplace.

All is well in Whimsical Woods.RGS_3975

Old Tree Stump Gnome Home

I recently felled some old, dead fir trees here at Whimsical Woods and cut one large stump about 5’ hight.Old tree stump, gnome home to be

I will be creating a gnome home and setting over the next few weeks and will post its progress. Let’s see how this comes together with a series of photos.

If you have an old stump on your property that you don’t know what to do with, this is a possible solution. Even if you don’t have a chain saw to make a peak, you can cover the top with wood, branches, moss, etc. to make it look like a gnome home! Or, a fairy home. Have fun!

Gnomes and Fairies

Not a lot has been recorded about the relationship between gnomes and fairies that I have found. As they both live in the Whimsical Woods Fairy Homewoods. Chances are they are helping each other a lot.

The gnomes are excellent crafters and gardeners. The fairies can fly above and spot trouble or look for other gnomes that might need help. They help each other like a good neighbor should. I think the variety of food they eat is similar. I do not think the fairies like beer however, but let the gnomes have a little fun now and then.

There are some similarities between a woodland gnome home and a woodland fairy home. Here at Whimsical Woods, we’ve made some of both and they are on display on our website.

To help furnish your fairy home, we have also made fairy furniture kits and fairy garden kits filled with moss, small rocks, sticks, flower pods, a colorful mushroom, etc.). Just contact us for details.

Having both gnomes and fairies around must be a wonderful thing. I’ve never actually seen either one, but I sense they’ve seen us from a distance. Perhaps a dragon fly is really a fairy in disguise? We have all seen dragon flys come nearby, stop and then zoom away. Was that really a fairy coming to say hello? Our forest friends for sure. Fairies and Gnomes. :-)

All is well here at Whimsical Woods.

Gnomes, Bird’s Delight

IMG_7634Cold winter days and nights are upon us now. The birds that didn’t fly south are in need of food. One of the kinder relationships between the gnomes and birds is helping to provide bird food during the winter months.

A favorite is the gnomes’ recipe (suet like) call “Birds Delight.” First the gnomes must raid the barn or vegetable storage room to find the rendered lard used for cooking. Peanut butter mixed with shortening will also work. So, two parts suet, one or two parts yellow cornmeal, one part sugar. Mix it all together by hand adding a few tablespoons of fine salt and fine sand. The sand is needed to help digestion. I also add the best quality bird seed you can afford. I prefer the excellent 100% edible birdseed from Costco. They have it in a big green box. Perfect for feeders too and there are no cheap fillers. Good job Costco!

You can mold your mixture into squares for the commercial cages, or purchase a suet feeder from us at They look perfectly natural, like a tree! So, gather your mixings and invite the kids. A big mess perhaps, but fun.

A word of warning, raccoons will tear down a feeder if they can get to it. I use an old style “slinky over the pole stretched and secured at the top and bottom. They cannot deal with this and will not be able to climb up. Same for squirrels. A funny thing to watch though.

So, have some fun and treat the birds to a winter delight. You will enjoy watching the popularity of a simple suet like feeder.

All is well at Whimsical Woods.

Mr. and Mrs. Gnome

Mr and Mrs Gnome

With the average age of 400 years for an adult gnome, the time for marriage is around 100 years old. The search for a girl may take the male gnome a long way from home. He travels via his favorite large goose that can easily carry him to other communities. I have read the boy gnome prefers plump womenfolk with nice round forms. Like us humans, the relationship starts with a careful introduction, small gifts and supervised time together. Just like us.(?) Next comes the introduction to the female’s parents and family, followed by her family’s visit back to his clan’s location to carefully inspect the home he has built with his male and female family and friends. The future father-in-law is the key inspector and judge. If all goes well, the wedding is planned.

At the stroke of midnight, under the bride’s birthday tree and in her mother’s family wedding dress, they are married. It is a small, but emotional wedding attended by close family and forest friends looking on from the woods.

A very festive dinner follows the wedding ceremony consisting of ripe nuts, fruit, greens, grains and of course beer and wine. Dancing is very important along with many stories and jokes. This all sounds like our weddings, doesn’t it?

The “young” 100-year old couple then heads out for a distant honeymoon trip, again using their favorite and  strongest animal friends for transportation and safe passage.

The beginning of a new life and many more stories to come. All is well here in our Whimsical Woods.

Gnome Eye Glasses

Gnomes are very talented crafters. We read of their excellent woodworking skills, but also in textiles, ceramics, metal, etc. Like

Gnome with eye glasseshumans, gnomes (who live to be about 350 years old) sometimes need glasses. Occasionally, you might find a gnome figure wearing glasses. Well, they surely do not go down to Costco at night and whip up a pair. Being the crafters they are, they likely have a gnome elder who specializes in making glasses for the local clan. This gnome might have a large selection of various broken glass, bottles, jelly jar lids, etc. from which to chose from and select a glass to be ground into a small pair of eye glasses. Using other, recycled small pieces of wire, they can construct the frames to complete the eye glasses. Gnomes usually sleep during the day, so little need for sun glasses, but possible.

It might be a very funny sight to see a small gnome with magnified glasses on causing his eyes to look like the size of golf balls. You see it with humans, so why not gnomes? If you happen to find a little pair around somewhere, now you “gnome!”

All in fun and all is well at Whimsical Woods.

Gnome Doors & Windows

Gnome Windows and DoorYou may have seen those plastic faces from China that can be attached to a tree. Seen one, seem them all, in my opinion. If you have a few large trees and want to add a little imaginative humor to your yard, add one of our Whimsical Woods recycled, natural wood gnome door and windows. From what I have read, no respectable gnome family will have a plastic door and windows made in China! Just won’t happen in their world. :-)

All you need is an ordinary tree trunk and our gnome door and windows, and they will immediately add a bit of whimsy to the tree causing smiles and curiosity to all who see it. A big hit for the grand kids, for sure!

They are 100% recycled, old fence board and cedar shakes. That’s the beauty of them. Like our other Whimsical Woods products, no two are exactly the same.

I have a few locals who have placed theirs indoors on the floor next to their fireplace for the house gnomes. One gentleman said his cat lies in front of the door waiting for the gnome to come out. I’d love a picture of that!

These doors and windows are on our website ( for shipment throughout the country. They make an excellent simple gift that will surely bring smiles to someone special. Enjoy!

Gnome Homes, Collectors Editions

Collectors Choice Gnome HomeI am always looking for new, imaginative gnome homes to tweak imaginations and bring smiles to many faces.

The Collectors Edition is a new use of old and very oddly shaped pieces of logs that can be sculptured into a very different style of gnome home. These are a lot of fun for me to make. I start with firewood (before it hits the burn pile) and take it from there. These were destined for a fireplace, but now will be a special gnome home!

No two are the same, that’s for sure. What you have, no one else will have. I’ve been told they remind people of the story of “The Little Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe.”

The ideal setting for these, I suggest, is on a window level table. Find two or three house plants of various heights and create a little forest around the gnome home. The idea is to blend the gnome home into the wood like setting. What you are now doing is making a living art piece on your table! The scene can be changed, added to, moved to a new location and certainly feel free to add a couple gnomes! :-)

Placing them outside is okay, but likely to get lost in their surroundings. In my opinion, best to locate them inside and put it where you and others can view it up close. It will surely attract attention and smiles.

These Collectors Choice Gnome Homes are not available on our website as they are all one of a kind. We’ll have them at our various art shows in Washington and our local Sequim Farmer’s Market. If visiting the area, call us (360-452-7308)  and arrange a time to come by our Whimsical Woods to select the Gnome Home just right for you.

Shown here are a few examples of our Collectors Choice Gnome Homes. We have many to choose from.

All in fun, all is well.


Garden Gnome Helpers

As warmer days approach here in the Pacific Northwest, it is time to get the garden planted. Here at Whimsical Woods, there is no shortage of our friendly little people to help. Gnomes do not eat meat, but depend on fresh vegetables, nuts, fruit, grains and various adult beverages they make or steal from the snail trap tins.

Most of their work is done at night, so I had to announce a grand photo session to gather the team. OnGarden Gnomese challenge was to keep their eyes off the strawberry blossoms! Gnomes love fresh ripe strawberries as any gardner will tell you.

Ever notice a bite or two out of your berries? You thought it was a snail? :-)

Good luck to all you gardeners. A gnome home in your garden will benefit you in many ways. All in fun and all is well.

New Gnome and Hobbit Homes

Adding to our wide product line of gnome homes and bird houses, Val has branched out (no pun intended) to construct a variety of Collector’s Choice Gnome/Hobbit homes for large and small settings. These are new for our 2013 local market and state-wide art shows.

We offered some of these last year and are happy to see all have found a good home. :-) This winter, Val has been preparing many more both large (pictured) and small special and whimsical gnome homes. All new for 2013 in addition to our website selections. All in fun. Let us hear from you!
http://www.whimsicalwoods.netLarge Gnome Home