The Creative ProcessJef

The Creative Process

The making of our natural log birdhouses begins in our forest.

I am looking for old, dead standing or fallen trees of just the right stage of decay and size.
The trees that have had the insect’s handy artwork are the most attractive and desirable. They add their own graphics to the outside of the birdhouses – nature’s artist at work!

The chosen logs are removed from the forest and my trusty old chain saw and I go to work cutting the roof shape. Most of the birdhouses have had the outside bark removed to reveal the natural wood color and designs under the bark. I do leave the bark on some for the different look of a real tree, the same as you would see in the forest.

After removing the bark, I carefully hollow out the logs. The bird entrance is then added, usually about 1.0 inch to 1.25 inch diameter meets the interest of the widest selection of nesting birds across the country.

Cutting the roof shape

Stripping bark

Stripping bark

Hollowing out the log

Drilling the entrance

Installing the clean out

Once the entrance is made, the roof pieces and base are added. Included in the base is a 3 inch diameter clean out and cap. It is your option to clean out the birdhouse every year,but most experts suggest you not clean the birdhouse out, and let the birds decide what they want to do. Mother Nature has taught them a lot longer than us! Many birds return to the same birdhouse and with only a few adjustments, move back in.The final step is adding the decorative wood and moss objects which are collected from our forest and travels. Once finished, it is signed and ready for you and the lucky birds that will come to make it their home. Locate the birdhouse where you can watch the action. In the spring, it may just take a few days for your new tenant to move in. I am looking forward to hearing from you with photos if possible. From our woods to your home.Enjoy!

Val Jackson, Whimsical Woods