Bird Feeders, Suet Feeders – Summertime!


Suet feeder and Val's homemade suetHere in the Pacific Northwest, we are blooming with daffodils and tulips, a sure sign of warmer weather. Some parts of the country are still seeing snow and much cooler temperatures. As the season changes, it becomes less important to feed the birds. Of course, you can continue, but they’re able now (or soon) to find the food nature provides. If you enjoy watching the birds, keep your feeders full. The natural suet/lard filling we make does not contain wax or any other unnatural fillers to prevent melting in the heat and direct sun. Store bought suet is like a white brick likely not to melt, but who knows what it’s made of to prevent that.

If your daytime temperatures are around 60° F and you have hung your suet feeders in the shade, you should be okay. You’ll see it dripping if it gets too warm and then it’s time to put it away until next Fall.

Seed feeders and hummingbird feeders are welcome all year round, but not necessary. The flocks of our ground feeding birds are gone now. Likely eating real bugs! Our summer time hummingbird mixture is 4 parts water and 1 part sugar (no food coloring!). Thoroughly boil the mixture first. The winter mix is strong, 3:1. The red dye in the hummingbird mix you find in the store contains red dye #4 and I’ve read,  is very harmful to the birds’ kidneys. Clear water in a red feeder works just fine.

Enjoy your Spring and bird watching

All is well

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