Gnome swinging in the hops vines

Hops are easy to grow here in the Pacific Northwest. They grow just like ivy to a height of 12’ or so and make a great arbor cover. Hops are a needed ingredient for making beer which the gnomes enjoy doing. They’re from Scandinavia, so beer making and drinking is in their genes.

A few hops buds go a long way.  We harvest ours and give to our son who is an excellent home brewer in So. Cal. We, of course, always leave a few for the gnomes. Nothing finer than a cold home-brewed beer on a hot day.

Hops are an perennial  plant. They die back to the ground and jump out in the spring. The smell of the mature hops is very sweet and autumn like. We bought ours in Eastern Washington where it is grown commercially. You need tall poles and rich watered soils to produce the hops but not something everyone has growing in their garden.

“Hop” on at Whimsical Woods. All is well.

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