Mr and Mrs Gnome

With the average age of 400 years for an adult gnome, the time for marriage is around 100 years old. The search for a girl may take the male gnome a long way from home. He travels via his favorite large goose that can easily carry him to other communities. I have read the boy gnome prefers plump womenfolk with nice round forms. Like us humans, the relationship starts with a careful introduction, small gifts and supervised time together. Just like us.(?) Next comes the introduction to the female’s parents and family, followed by her family’s visit back to his clan’s location to carefully inspect the home he has built with his male and female family and friends. The future father-in-law is the key inspector and judge. If all goes well, the wedding is planned.

At the stroke of midnight, under the bride’s birthday tree and in her mother’s family wedding dress, they are married. It is a small, but emotional wedding attended by close family and forest friends looking on from the woods.

A very festive dinner follows the wedding ceremony consisting of ripe nuts, fruit, greens, grains and of course beer and wine. Dancing is very important along with many stories and jokes. This all sounds like our weddings, doesn’t it?

The “young” 100-year old couple then heads out for a distant honeymoon trip, again using their favorite and  strongest animal friends for transportation and safe passage.

The beginning of a new life and many more stories to come. All is well here in our Whimsical Woods.

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